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Who Needs Superman When I Have You? Ch 4
     "Fuck!" you yelled and sat up, holding your elbow. You couldn't move your forearm. "Fucking fuckety, fuck, fuck!"
     "Shit, ___! Are you okay?! I'm sorry!" Alfred said.
     "Yeah, my arm just naturally bends backwards all the fucking time! No! I'm not fucking okay!" you turned to him as you yelled, and your broken arm bent backwards swiftly. "Shit!" This fucking hurt.
     "Stay calm! I'll take you to the hospital!" He swept you up into his strong arms and was ready to bolt out the door until he spotted the plate of breakfast burritos. He stood staring at it for a few long moments while his stomach growled.
     "Just grab the fucking plate and go! My arm's broken!" you yelled.
     Alfred held you with his left arm and grabbed the plate with his right. Then he hurried out the door with his keys. He opened the car door and set you
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Who Needs Superman When I Have You? Ch 3
     This man… he was gorgeous. He was dripping wet and simply holding his soaked towel to cover his vital regions, completely naked. "Are you okay?!" he suddenly asked, but it didn't click. You were dumbstruck. Your eyes involuntarily looked him up and down, following the small streams of water spilling off of his toned body like little rivers. Drops fell from the tips of his short blonde hair, collecting in a pool at his feet. You unconsciously cocked your head slightly, looking at the strange lock of hear not being weighed down by any water. It stood erect, curving somewhat. You could hear words being said, but you weren't listening. Your eyes molested the man's figure one more time before they met with his own. For a fleeting moment you stared into his dark blue orbs, reading their concerned, shocked expression. What was he concerned about?
     "Hey! Are. You. Okay?!" the words pierced your eardrum, you finally snapped back to
:iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 3 0
Who Needs Superman When I Have You? Chapter 2
The air was warm. Something soft touched your face. Slowly, you fully regained consciousness and opened your swollen eyes. There was intense throbbing in the back of your skull, though it was not unbearable. With you peripheral vision, you saw a fluffy white mound, the top of it gradually rising and descending again. "What happened?" you wondered. Staring at the ceiling, you laid there contemplating your location. The ceiling fan rotated lethargically, creating a weak draft within the room. As it spun, the fan hummed a soft, peaceful buzz. You closed your eyes and listened, trying to remember what all happened the previous night. After what seemed like an eternity it hit you. The memories rushed back through your mind; your vision blurred.
Running… Running from a man with a gun. You were bleeding… You sat up in the mysterious, soft bed. The comforter was a dark navy blue. You ripped it off of your body and examined your lower half. Bandages. Your knee had a large band-aid, an
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Scared PewDiePie :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 2 3 PewDiePie and Slenderman! :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 3 2 Piglet Drawing :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 0 0 Unicorn Tattoo :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 0 0
AmericaxReader Who Needs Superman When I Have You?
     The rain drops pounded your face as you ran, your bare feet bloody from the coarse pavement. Somewhere between the 24-hour convenience store and the movie theater a block away you stepped on broken glass and scraped your left knee from falling. But there's no time to worry about that now. Your heart is racing, beating so quickly you think it might burst at any moment. You turned your head, and saw the crazed man with a pistol in his hand bounding after you.
     "Leave me alone!" you cried as you sprinted in the darkness of the night, the man closely tailing you.
     Ten minutes ago you were sitting on the comfortable couch in your house that you inherited from your parents before they both died from cancer. You lazily lied on the couch watching a horror movie, planning on sleeping there. Your hot chocolat
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Unicorn Drawing :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 0 0 Wolf (colored) :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 1 5 Wolf (uncolored) :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 0 3 Hevvin Angel-Bright :iconxxlunaticpsychoxx:XxLunaticPsychoxX 8 4


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